A new drug releasing lens implant platform

Eliminating post-operative care for cataract surgery

Postoperative intraocular infections and inflammation after cataract surgery pose a substantial risk to patient recovery

Patients are expected to self manage this risk by administering eye drops, a therapy that is only affective with high patient compliance. Patients are required to administer up to 224 drops from 3 bottles over 4 weeks

93% of patients fail to adhere to drops. Eye drops are difficult to put in, especially for elderly patients

visilens technology

Controlled & sustained release of anti-inflammatory therapies attached to an existing IOL.

To overcome the problem of compliance, VisuNano has developed VisiLens, a biodegradable lens that can release anti-inflammatory drugs into the eye, obviating the need for eye drops without compromising the properties of the lens.

the advantage of visilens

Improves compliance

Eliminates the need for carers or family members to do eye drops

Enhances patient experience

Simplifies post-surgery care with the potential to reach 9 million patients globally

Improves outcomes

Avoids eye drop toxicity associated with drops, reducing risks such as corneal melts by 30%, potentially saving up to $350M